Life is good again!

Pesto parmesan bagel and my good friend Charlie sitting next to me on the couch at Tiny’s. He’s off to Hillsboro to join in the Guniess Book attempt at the largest number of people wearing balloon hats in one place at one time. I’m off to the Pendarvis Farm for another day of the Pickathon, a fundraiser for KBOO public radio. The Wood Bros. are playing, and Kelly Joe Phelps. Last night Greg Brown sat down in a red shirt so faded it’d gone pink, and a railroad cap, and his everpresent sunglasses and sang us songs from his latest “record” while the little kids threw piles of hay up into the air and the grownups tapped their toes and nodded along. “I want my country back”, he sang. Yep, so do we all.