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Rounding the bend on spring again, I found a folder I’ve forgotten on my desktop, filled with pictures of friends from a while back through about a year ago. Perfect Revisiting on a saturday morning…

P1020087 buddy wakefield at green frog Tammy Zlotnik Poster basement scene betsy being caitlin and jill edison mud flat walkers fox an little girls Happy face loaf kitchen chaos ladies in shades lopez bathroom map lopez beach bliss lopez dean distance lopez dean smile guitar Lopez friday sunset lopez friends lopez kim tree distance lopez matt camo beach lopez matt grandpa lopez liquor lopez pin closeup lopez post ceremony lopez rainwait lopez sat night lopez sean lookoff lopez shanti sean photo lopez shark reef poem

lopez thru the forest lopez wedding tree   anna and rufus gorge fresh portrait


lydias grin

merlin wing

birthday beachGarlic harvest on one of our first days at Happy Little Farm

and Buddy Wakefield, getting going at the Green Frog.

Tammy Zlotnick, who I met up in Bellingham in the early Oughts, and who passed a few years ago. Bright light.

The basement scene during the break up party.

Betsy being her most definite self during a phenomenal inauguration celebration at my new place.

Caitlin and Jill – natural springs of joy in my landscape.

Mud Flat Walkers playing at the Longhorn.

The fox and the girls.

Mouse and the happy face loaf.

Kitchen chaos at the break up party.

Jill and Kelly – some doses of sunshine –

Map of Lopez.

Last spring Matt and Kim got hitched out on Lopez and asked Sean Dean Shanti and me to help.

The map was on the back of the bathroom wall in their cabin.


At the far end of the wedding shots, some o’ the sisterfriends who get me through.

Shelley and Wb June 12

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