The dark season

Greetings and salutations of the holiday nature – I’ve come up from under the covers of nasty sickness for a bit. There was no escaping this one, and it extended my hermiting a week or so past my intentions. Portland is cold just now, so tucking in feels called for. And good for reflecting: I have just posted a bit of a thanksgiving parable in my pages, please peruse if you’re feeling inclined.
I just finished re-reading Demian, Herman Hesse’s breakthrough book from 1919, and a marvelous story about the road towards ones own self, which features a god of good and evil, and some serious firegazing, as well as painting and dreamwork. A Solstice is approaching in the twilight hours of these long nights, perfect for fire gazing as a spiritual practice. My first solstice celebration was a winter fire out in the county east of Bellingham maybe 9 years ago. A woman with a basket offered each of us twigs with ribbons tied on. The twig was to throw in the fire along with what we were ready to let go of, the ribbon was to tie on the branches of a nearby tree, for what we wanted to grow in the new year. Relevant questions for this winter too…

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