solstice 2013

Clift’s Notes on the summer solstice 2013

~ Doors are closing, other doors are opening

-> this will require immediate attention to properly manage

+ emotions are super ^ right now

” Do not let the unpredictable currents wash away all that has been built.”

* Disaster by water (Saturn transits Scorpio)


~ Physical body is tuning ^

-. higher standard of health and heart

-. self-discipline

– purification: mind, physical health, environment

– the immediate purge of the toxic


~ Fear not – learn not to fear the unknown / unaccomplished

-. detox trauma, clear afflictions, resolve karmic debt, remove entanglements, recharge will power


~ The feeling of Drain on emotions and well-being will end

-. renew the deep power (w/in us all)

+ healing energy -. put focus in the beauty

* gratefulness is key: count blessings before hardship


~ mix fire and water: go swimming in the sunshine

-> wash away old neg and raise refresh

= more successful navigation of the changes

* as within, so without

– amysthyst in water

– citrine in sun

– blue kyanite to clear and open the mind




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