Nettle Ritual

Listen – how to ask the plants for good medicine.

Oh, this time of year – it gets a bit primeval in the forest where i live – as the blackberries have been stealthily snaking through the underbrush and arcing over the tops of barelimbed branches. Blackberries can take down trees, I’ve seen it. The snow is still visiting in flurries, but the first buds of green are doing their thing, flirting, and the nettles are popping up, kinda saucy-like, from the moss and dank of the forest floor.P1000006

Does the forest text? It calls me. It needs not an extended phone call but a short missive to convince me out, this time of year, even in the unrelenting rain, even in the darkening evening. The forest checks in on my timing and I answer – On My Way.

Does the forest Sext? A friend asked: yep. those flirty buds, those saucy nettles, the fungi familiar and foreign, the moss laced arms of trees. Allurement, all of it.

And there is an ancient habit, rising in my chest, going to meet the call. I bring snippers, gloves, my wide open eyes, and a heart that needs spring right now, right now.

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Cascadian wordsmith and reluctant scorpio, with a fondness for honey, trees, and ducks, as well as birds on the wing and orange kitties.

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  1. This brought a smile of recognition and endearment. Nice to have you back on this site. Can sense that forest primeval through your words. Just walked all around the forest surrounding Lake Matheson close by Fox Glacier and thought of you.

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