Earth Ascending

From the whole to the part,
The whole is in the part;
Every part is holy.

For all you fans of nested holarchy out there, please check out this revolutionary old book by Jose Arguelles, first published 20+ years ago by Shambala press and reissued recently by Bear & Co. It is a book of maps and information, spanning a global perspective on just what DNA, the I Ching, and Resonant Field Theory have in common, anyways… There’s a little something to tickle everybody’s particular suspicions about the interrelatedness of everything, and while it takes a while to grok it, the implications begin to sink in immediately.
I’ve compiled some cliff notes – WoW style – from the introductory essays, for the page in the corner. Please to check it out. You’ll find working definitions of geomancy, holonomics, and a host of names and possibilities to spur you to fantastic leaps of understanding.
Have fun!

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