Go get right with god, girl –

Take your pent up wishes
and shape them in your form
live em out and embody
what you stand for.

Get your ass up off that porch
and start working it –
put your arms to use in the field
to feed your self.
Come into being, as a person.

Send your fears flurrying
with a breath of hot air
from your lungs. Push yourself.
You gotta get right
in relationship
to yourself.

Speak true words
and mean them.
Don’t let people play you
and cut them some slack.
Don’t sweat your off days neither.

Just come round again
to yourself. let your eyes
shine with it and give it on
because the people need it
right now.

They need you to be clear
about who you are, to make it easier
to reflect themselves in your eyes.
They need to be able to shine some too.
You can give them that grace
and it don’t cost you nothin.
It builds.

Build the people up
and stay out of the bog down shit.
Plant your seeds of all kinds
and play some more. Thrive on fun
again for a while – but use it,

turn it like mulch in the soil
of your heart and then
grow and harvest your fuel.

One thought on “Go get right with god, girl –”

  1. Just found your poem…….you’d been quiet for a while so I’d quit checking. I LOVE THIS POEM. Very inhabited. Very you. Very wonderful. And, I’ll take it to my own heart.

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