Continuum: Orbital consciousness

Continuum: Orbital Consciousness

Spring 2010

with Emilie Conrad – founder. [Her dad was a Tesla guy, she grew up reading frequencies. Combine this with time in the West Indies – where wave motion is prayer]

? How do we become self-limiting?

The fluid system is the inquiry of Continuum – the resonant stream: no boundaries, no time/space differential

-slowing down the wave – all the information is in the interval

it is “health assurance”

We soften the inhibitors to begin to expand capacity to resonate

*At the Water’s Edge – Karl Zimmer

*On Becoming Human – PBS documentary – what Darwin didn’t know

*Life on Land – Emilie Conrad book on Continuum

*CSI: Cosmic Scene Investigator


-Our fluid is adjusting to the rhythm of the computer

-modern life= electricity and speed

-in speed, you cannot feel (speed as a coping strategy for folks who don’t want to feel)

-consolidation of fluid molecules can actually lock us in to space


-The dominator model destroys sensation:

disconnect from body

God is elsewhere

-you cannot be self-referential under oppression

(self-referential: to claim our own authority)

The tissue is the versatility of the organism – its ability to manage /adjust and adapt to its environment

“I don’t care what the diagnosis is – the first stage of anything is isolation”

Empathy as the growth of intelligence

How do you get the compression to move?


the more variance/ nuance in sounds, the more refined dexterity in the tissue

GEL/SOL Phase Transition

water absorbs the energy and vibration of the land – it is carrying the reflection of its context

Gel: semi-solid, “body”, activity, bound in time, inhale

Sol: aqueous, “wave”, fluid deconstructs itself, no longer bound in time, exhale

*as we increase aquiosity, the system re-organizes itself at a more complex level of coherency

Breath: Low E (yin)

wrapping the sound around your neck, one way and then the other


then your chest, then your solar plexus, then your hips

using your fingers as tuning forks on the place where you are working – tone each action

Ees are lateralizing sounds – widen the focus of the eyes

Breath: Puffed O   (yang)

-lips closed, cheeks puffed out, move the sound and around your cheeks

Breath: Blurs

-vibrating vocal cords in the back of the throat

-leave an interval of silence – the main part of the Blur is Silence


-lazy, slow, wide, inside front of spine

-use it with hands on places that hurt, in healing, Blurs spread tissue immediately


Baseline Breathing: check in, lying on back

3 Ees, wrapping and circling x face, chest, solar plexus, hips

open attention

Legs up, Roll from side to side using Blurs, legs at 45 degrees

play at creating micro-traction, extending legs, using elbows for leverage

Go back to Ees, see what happened.

The nervous system is a pattern addict, (associative brain)

The Blur is so early, there is no associative brain, so you are out of the pattern altogether

The way that fluid communicates is in shapes

-We’re merging our consciousness with the fluid system – softening the inhibitors, making way for the bio-intelligence

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