Earth Ascending

WoW notes from Earth Ascending,
an illustrated treatise on the laws governing whole systems,
By Jose Arguelles
Intro I.
The Roots of Unity, Geomancy and World Order

“Geomancy is called Gy a Greek word which signifieth earth: and Mancie, which is to say, knowledge. Or defining it more properly, it is derived of Gyos and Magos, which signifieth knowledge of earthly things, by the power of ye superior bodies, of the four Elements, the seven planets, and of the twelve signs of heaven.” – Christopher Cattan 1558

From Stephen Skinner’s, Terrestial Astrology 1981
Four major applications of geomancy:
forms of divination [arabia, africa, medieval europe]
telluric methods [chinese feng shui] for determining energy flows of natual world
ley-line theories associated to megaliths and ancient architecture
seismography – predicting earthquakes and geological rhythms.
+ 3 more:
atmospheric sciences – electromagnetic field relationship to atmosphere
archaeoastronomy – formative role of each field in urban planning and art
bio-aesthetics – laws governing all modes of artistic behavior – all processes dedicated to the harmonic expression of man’s relationship to the environment.

Bertholet’s astrobiology: correspondence between the mathematically expressible regimes of the heavens and the biologically determined rhythms of life on earth.

geomancy as a “mystical ecology”…the chinese science of applied cosmology – astroecology – earth acupuncture.

geomancy as the knowledge of earth as a planet body, a complete living organism whose elemental processes and rhythmic cycles are intimately connected to our own perceptual structures and biological functions.
referred to as a science, it may also be described as a basis for the practice of art. As we know, so we act…Defined as the skill of consciously bringing our senses into harmony with our environment, art naturally falls under the domain of the geomantic compass.

The I Ching, as one of the primary expressions of geomantic science. At the root of I Ching, as of geomancy, is the binary principle of mutual reciprocity of mind and environment.
*In Chinese civilization, the Heaven-earth-man axis/axle is the primordial principle of geomancy in all of its artistic and scientific manifestations.
– Ch’i[qi], the universal life force energy, is subdivided into heaven ch’i, earth ch’i and weather ch’i. Like man, weather ch’i participates or partakes of both earth ch’i and the heaven ch’i.

17th C English philosopher Robert Fludd placed geomancy on the wheel of a cosmic liberal arts diagram between astronomy and music, locating it as an art of harmony. In the diagram of microcosmic arts, the psychic aspect of geomancy is emphasized by its placement between prophecy and the arts of memory.

As an oracular system, whether chinese, arabian, european, or african, geomancy is uniquely characterized by systems of binary progression.

*Geomancy, ipso facto assumes the sacredness of the world in which we live. Because is posits hierarchical order as self-existing, the sacredness of geomancy is ultimately a non-theistic, organically manifest, sacredness.

Once we recognize and extend the principle of heaven-earth-man, then the arrangement of our total environment assumes the quality of universal harmony that traditional flower arranging exemplifies. Geomancy is at the root of all expressions of harmony, and harmony is both art and science. Yet, without the view that the phenomenal world is sacred, there would be no geomancy at all.
-as a model for unifying whole systems –
*the need to experience the world as sacred is a growing factor in the transformation of the present stage of civilization.

II. From Geomancy to Holonomics

Geomancy, the primordial science of harmony and orientation, presents itself as a prelude or foundation to the discipline of Holonomics.

Holonomic is a term descriptive of holistic knowing, i.e., knowing that is simultaneously intuitive and rational, scientific and artistic. Holonomics describes the order of reality as well as the way that we come to know and express that order.

Holonomy refers to the law or principle governing whole systems, while Holonomics describes the study or investigation of this law or principle. Holonomy ultimately refers to the universe entire as a dynamic interwoven web, transcending partial or analytic description. If the universe is holonomic, the composite subsystems of the universe, from atomic to galactic, are also holonomic. Each level or subsystem comprises a synthesis or Holarchy (whole order) that reflects the order of the total system. (This is the nesting of holons that Ken Wilber writes about)

As a way of knowing, Holonomic refers to the capacity for self-transcendent knowledge – self-reflective consciousness, clarity of perception, the ability to account for and create order.

As the law governing whole systems, holonomics accounts not only for the interrelationships between fields in the phenomenal world, but for the interaction of man with this world – man with all of his cumulative history, thought, and forms of expression inseparable from the planet upon which he finds himself.

For a complete theory of any complex social phenomenon one requires a full-blown philosophy of history and theory of man…this will be a nonlinear and wholistic interpretation. In that more complete statement two facets will receive further elaboration: 1) there will be an organismic theory of the earth as a living entity, with human society as a part of the evolving giant creature; and 2) the radiation belt (or psi-field), the two poles, between them generating the “world sensorium” – the guiding field which controls the psychosocial evolution of mankind. – Oliver Reiser This Holyest Earth

[*This fellow is important – a physicist at the University of Pittsburgh for 50 years, who built upon Teilhard de Chardin’s noosphere in his studies of the psi field(1966)]

Arguelles presents Holonomics as this complete theory: It contains a thoroughly organismic theory of earth as a living entity, with human society as a part of the “giant evolving creature”. This understanding is contained in the geomantic equation heaven, earth, and man, as well as in the hermetic dictum: As above, so below, by which it is understood that the macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm and vice versa; also it contains a thorough exposition of the radiation belt or psi field, the two poles or binary element which generate between them the “world sensorium”.

Man provides the grounding and means of expression for a unitary planet mind or consciousness – Reiser’s psi field.
Building upon Teilhard de Chardin’s noosphere “the probable place and disposition of the thinking element throughout the universe.” Pointing to the recognition of both mind and man as a critical factor in the development of a planet like the earth….a planetization of consciousness…the image of a nervous system.

Reiser’s psi field integrated two basic scientific breakthroughs into the terrestial mental envelope: the Van Allen radiation belts – a heavy proton outer belt and a lighter electron outer belt, functioning as a shield and electromagnetic membrane recharging and recirculating the atmosphere of the earth – and the genetic code with its binary double helix.
He further envisioned the psi field as a planetary cerebral cortex, corresponding as well to the two hemispheres of Western (rational) and Eastern (intuitive) thought.

“World-sensorium”: the controlling mechanism of the psychosocial evolution of mankind. From this functional description of the noosphere or psi field we may infer the existence of a much larger evolutionary mechanism: a morphogenetic moderating factor that, because it is resonantly keyed into the whole process of the planet as a living system, may accurately be described as a holonomic recollection process….not only a resonantly form-generating matrix, but also a purposive mechanism of adjustment and regulation based on the inherent needs of the planet as a whole evolving system – of which man is but a member.

1973 – Martin Shonberger, german philosopher, published The Hidden Key to Life: his discovery of the absolute one-to-one equation of the sixty-four DNA codons to the sixty four kua or hexagrams in the I Ching. – they are exactly the same when written in binary order.

Carl Jung’s funeral address for the german translator of the I Ching, Richard Wilhelm: ” It can’t remain in the dark forever, that we are touching here on an Archimedean principle, with the help of which our occidental thinking could be unhinged.”

The exact binary equivalence between the I Ching and the genetic code: the complementarity of western and eastern thought in the global brain.

psi bank: a planetary information storage and retrieval system whose primary function of holonomic recollection operates or manifests through the simplest code imaginable: the binary code, underlying the genetic code, and all electrical, electromagnetic, and neurological functions.
-The conceptualization of the psi bank as a holonomic mind or brain giving at this point in time and actual conscious direction and purpose to the evolution of the planet – a creatively evolving data-base, operating on the same model that governs the operations of all systems in the universe, from the atomic to the galactic.

Author’s Search for History
Three principle components essential to the structure and function of the psi bank: I Ching or Book of Changes; Sacred Calendar of Mesoamerica (Tzolkin of Maya, Tonalpohualli of Aztecs); Resonant Field Model of Charles Henry.
*I Ching – considered the code of biopsychic transformation [as DNA codons are the code of more purely biological transformations]
*Sacred Calendar – based on dot and bar notation, vigesimal (twenty count as opposed to decimal)
*Charles Henry (1859-1926) french scientist, mathematician and philosopher; published Generalization of the Theory of Radiant Energy 1924 – a spherical model indicating a condition of dynamic equilibrium known as the “atom of life,” consisting of three intersecting fields of resonance: the electromagnetic, the gravitational, and the biopsychic.
-Electromagnetic corresponds to the Heaven of the ancient geomantic equation, the world of the senses, as well as the sensations comprising our experience in the phenomenal world.
-Gravitational Field is the Earth factor of the geomantic equation
-Biopsychic Field corresponds to the DNA-originated aspect of Man, both biological organism and self-reflective mind, knower and joiner of heaven and earth.
->Important point of this model is that the three fields are mutually resonant: they do no exist apart from each other. This model is a three-dimensional representation of the Binary Triplet Configuration.
Arguelles came to see that the artistic expression of a people was inseparable from their world-view, and beneath the wide array of names styles and cultures there lay a common psychocultural root and civilizational structure:
It is the universally perceived and expressed correspondence between mathematical heaven and biological earth that invested the emergence of the seven pristine streams of civilization with a common geomantic world-view and hieratic structure.
The term Pristine has been used to describe those civilizations which appear to have emerged and developed quite independent of each other:
Egypt(Nilotic), Mesopotamia, India, China, Mesoamerica, Andean(Peru), and Nigeria(West Africa). In reality, the seven pristine threads of civilization, though assuming hues of local geographical color, are variations of a common global phenomenon.

It was the effort to find a common underlying principle and cause for the similar forms, symbols, and techniques of expression in these widely separated geocultural zones that led Arguelles increasingly to considerations of a mental or psychic medium of diffusion.
The advent of a common third stage of human psychocultural development encompassing the rise of the cosmopolitan religions – Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam – and the consequent creation of a medieval world.
Whatever common aesthetic, spiritual, or cultural language was being forged in the medieval world was swiftly undone with the rise of the fourth stage of psychocultural development: the global-industrial. The relentless triumph of materialist science and industrial technology, through the rise of “public education” based upon pragmatic literacy and economic efficiency, created an almost universal condition of holonomic amnesia – a forgetfulness not only of the whole nature of things, but of the greater common purpose.
Four stage planetary process of human historical development: primary, preliterate cosmomagical aboriginal state; hieratic stage of civilization proper; cosmopolitan medieval era, and global-industrial.
It is necessary to envision a fifth stage of genuinely global development.
*The terrible discrepancy between the formative role of art and expression in the first stages of development and the lack of significance in the fourth stage. Perhaps the very nature of coming to terms with holonomics will arouse in us the awareness of the high priority that art must be given in he dawning fifth stage of global civilization.

The Holonomic Equation: Art, Science, and the Sacred Order

This five-part framework may be taken as the actual structure of the holonomic equation. The variable of the equation are represented by man’s ability to Know – science, and to Express- art. The sum of the equation, the meaning of its different parts, and the process by which the equation is resolved, all comprise nature.
1. Nature presents itself
2. Man learns from nature
3. Man transforms nature
4. Nature evaluates man’s transformation
5. Man and nature synthesized
In other words, the planetization of man that follows the hominization of the planet…

*We are at this moment transiting from phase three to phase four of the holonomic equation. What appears to be the established order of present day civilization is actually only the inert but spectacular momentum of a high velocity vehicle whose engine has already stopped functioning. From the perspective of holonomic recollection, we are in a stage of massive molting and unprecedented transformation. In this situation there is nothing that can be done – that is if doing something means trying to salvage relics of thought and ways of life that are the products of partial and limited past conditionings. However, if we understand the holonomic equation as containing the absolute truth of the relative world, then there is the possibility of attuning ourselves to the entire process of recollection.

Returning to the structure of the holonomic equation, there are three variables: art, science, and sacred order. Since sacred order represents the underlying structure of nature, it precedes, underlies, and postdates the human historical process. Through our senses we perceive and experience this order as the biological rhythms of earth and the mathematical regimes of the heavens. Through observation and intuition, this order is first felt and expressed as myth. In the mythic form, the psi bank is the heavens, the realm beyond, the dreamtime, the home of the ancestors, the mysterious realm.

The second stage of the equation, man learns from nature, demonstrates knowledge through attunement. Information is gathered through biopsychic resonance, also referred to as “passive knowing” – a natural function of the intrinsic unity or harmony of man and nature. Knowledge through attunement can also be described as artful knowing – knowing that is inherently aesthetic and expressed through primarily artistic means.
This is the knowing of shamans – it is intuitive, organic, and paraverbal. (Para: alongside of, beyond, aside from)
Knowledge through attunement represents the direct index of communication between our various senses and nature.

Third stage, man transforms nature: the stage of complexification.
The structural dynamic of psychocultural development may be envisioned as two helical currents corresponding to two DNA strands in which information is processed according to the binary law of crossover polarity. One strand processes information from the future to the present, the other from the past to the present.
The former, the strand of vision, is referred to as the AC(Aboriginal Continuity) current, the latter as the CA (Civilizational Advance) current. The dynamic interaction of the two generate human culture.

Fourth Stage, Hiroshima marks the limits of man’s transformation of nature, and in a very real sense, the end of history.

Fifth stage, man and nature synthesized – the pattern of history, the genetic code, the psi bank, the solar and galactic pulsations, geomagnetism and man’s own heightened bio-psychic operations are synthesized into a blueprint/matrix in which Chromatics, the science of color and of harmony in general, represent the emergent geotchnology.
This geotechnology is referred to as Radiosonics – a functional technology based upon the biopsychically activated synthesis of geo- and electromagnetic energies.

Though the final stage of the poshistorical process – preparation for entry into the galactic community – is still quite distant from us, nevertheless it is good to have some kind of map indicating the nature of the terrain and the quality of the journey. Yet there is no ultimate goal. Transforming the earth into a luminous and purified orb is itself only preparation for another stage in a journey that, for all practical purposes, is without beginning or end. Nevertheless, by the same token that we can say that there is no goal, we can also declare that the goal is already present. By the logic of holonomics, the whole is in the part, the end is in the beginning, and for those of us in midstream there is only one imperative: to properly join heaven and earth, beginning and end, alpha and omega.

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