Notes on Biophilia [Edward Wilson]
– The innate feeling or caring for living forms and systems, for nature.
Bonding with landscape, the living Earth – innate affinity.
Integrity: the state of being whole and undivided – Reader’s Digest defn.

“Anyone can learn to understand the language of plants. All that is necessary is the capacity to feel, the willingness to observe in minute detail anything in nature that captures your attention, and the drive to reflect on what is felt and observed.”
“The living and holistic biosystem that is nature cannot be dissected or resolved into its parts. Once broken down, it dies. Or rather, those who break off a piece of nature lay hold of something that is dead and, unaware that what they are examining is no longer what they think it to be, claim to understand nature. Because man sarts off with misconceptions about nature and takes the wrong approach to understanding it, regardless of how rational his thinking, everything winds up wrong – Fukuokua

Plant Medicine
‘Almost any edible wild green is richer in vitamins than domestic lettuce. Table lettuce is to wild lettuce what the Protestant’s grape juice is to Christ’s blood, and plays a similar role. Part of us still knows we need the Wild Redeemer.” – Dale Pendell, Pharmako/poeia

‘The restoration of our capacity for biophilia begins with restoring, and supporting, our capacity for feeling. We were born with a sophisticated capacity for detecting emotional nuances in the world around us… Restoring biophilia means exploring these nuances.It has nothing to do with theory. Feeling comes first, thinking second, thinking in service of feeling…This reconnects us to everything around us – to everything that generates those feelings. It reweaves us into the fabric of life.’
-p.235 the lost language of plants

“Planning is the intelligent cooperation with the inevitable” – Kriesis

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