CliffNotes: The Mayan Factor

These bits and pieces from my first of Jose Arguelle’s 1987 book, The Mayan Factor, highlight¬† a train of thought that I’ve been following for a few years around the differences in Mayan and western cosmologies. Apologies for the obscureness at times. The notes read best as brief glances into a world, like a primer for he enxt time you encounter the words, so they’ll ring some bells. Enjoy .

Introduction By Brian Swimme (Author of The Universe is a Green Dragon – a conversation with Thomas Berry):
The first westerners to study the I Ching were Jesuit priests
“Undoubtedly many will think that Dr Arguelles has gone the way of the Jesuits who disappeared into the I Ching – mad, manic, and marooned in private delusions…I am convinced that any vision of the universe that Doesn’t shock us is without value for us. We must bear in mind that we reasonable westerners, we rational christian-judaic-secular-democratic citizens are the ones who hold earth hostage with our nuclear weapons. We modern industrialists are the ones who carry out the econocide that has spread over every continent. To say that a vision of the universe is “reasonable” means that it fits into this modern worldview that initiated and supports this global terror. We don’t need reasonable visions; we need the most outrageously wild visions of the universe we can find.
Primal cosmologies begin with the same conviction: the Earth, the Sun, the galaxy, the universe – everything everywhere is alive and intelligent.
What is required of us is humility. We who were trained in the modern worldview begin with the assumption that the universe is dead, devoid of feeling and intelligence and purpose.

The good painter is wise, god is in his heart.
He converses with his own heart.
He puts divinity into things.  -nahuatl saying

Tzolkin – sacred calendar
5125 year great cycle, began 3113BC ends Ad 2012, along with the Hindu concept of the four Yugas or ages – 13 cycles of 396 year Baktuns, or smaller cycles.
the Tzolkin as the Loom of the Maya – the matrix of possibilities that correspond to our experience of the world:
vertical threads represented by the 13 numbers [radio-pulses, primary patterns of radiant energy]
horizontal threads by the 20 symbols [cycle of frequency-range possibilities for transformation/evolution]
combination of 260 symbolic pulses woven by the loom of the Maya create an entire resonant field which we experience as reality. p.88

Plato & Jung called the resonant structures “archetypes”: form-constants
that exist in and define a field of consciousness that transcends both time and the individual.

Not just as metaphor, but in truth, the world is a weave of symbols, and it is through symbols that we weave our understanding of the world.
Symbols are resonant structures, vibratory form fields, and we are resonant to our core – symbols create, work with, and inform our light body – the stuff of insight, imagination and true understanding

Hunab Ku: One Giver of Movement and Measure, the name of the Galactic Core, and the description of its purpose and activity. Movement corresponds to energy, the principle of life and all pervading consciousness immanent in all phenomena. Measure refers to the principle of rhythm, periodicity, and form accounting for all the different limiting qualities which energy assumes through its different transformations.

Kuxan Suum: The Road to the Sky Leading to the Umbilical Cord of the Universe, defines the invisible galactic fibers which connect both the individual and the planet, through the sun, to the galactic core, Hunab Ku.

Principle of Harmonic Resonance
Resonance – the quality of sounding again, reverberation
[implies give and take, simultaneous and between at least 2 agents]
Frequency – rate of vibration, pulsation of waves
Tone – single wave cycle of a frequency…touch has its tones, perfume is a tone in the sense field of smell
Harmony – synchronization of 2 or more tones…harmony is a science
Information transmitted through sounding of tones and overtones from different octaves or levels

*The essence of information then, is not its content but its resonance*

Mayan civilization was “galactically informed” – a two way information wave between them and the universe
“The field of reality is saturated with purpose”
The form of things is the shape of a particular resonant frequency juncture [two or more tonal spectrums which join momentary need with universal purpose]
(pythagorean – music of the spheres?) – gone beyond philosophy into civilization
Western Science bases itself on investigation of matter [scientific materialism]
Mayan science bases itself on mind as the foundation of the universe. [what we call matter represents different tones holding together as a harmonic frequency-spectrum perceptible to the sense of touch.]
Universality of consciousness: everything is alive, there is nothing without feeling.
*The field of reality is saturated with purpose*

“Let’s assume the galaxy to be an immense organism possessing order and consciousness of a magnitude transcending the threshold of the human imagination. Like a giant body, it consists of a complex of member star systems each coordinated by the galactic core, Hunab Ku. Cycling energy, the dense pulsing galactic heart emits a continuous series of signals [radio emissions] corresponding to a matrix of resonance…providing the basis of four universal wave functions:
transmitting – or informational function
radiative – electromagnetic
attractive – gravitational
receptive – psychoactive
The sole purpose of Hunab Ku, the galactic core and cosmic radio station, is the coordination of member organisms, the star systems. Resonance and alignment…
the Maya as Diviners of Harmony – To divine is to know directly by mind

Resonant Transduction – the ability to apply this knowledge and pass directly from one condition of being to another
Tzolkin is the simplest possible mathematical matrix to accomodate the largest number of harmonic transformations, transmissions, and transductions – a periodic table of galactic frequencies

“…there is no intelligence in coercion or forcing another into action or realization….The galactic code of honor is to manifest and demonstrate harmony by whatever means possible. The code’s chief command would be to do nothing to further any notion of duality or separateness…”

In lake’ch: I am another yourself
A la kin: and I you

DNA, the genetic code of life, possesses character wave infrastructure – this implies that between the cells of the body there is a universal system of communication ranging between speeds of sound and light.

Kuxan Suun bears resemblance to Sipapu – when one world era closes and another is about to begin, the sipapu is the passage showing the way…

Quetzalcoatl – an avatar manifestation appearing throughout the Baktun cycles in 52 yr increments as
Pacal Votan, galactic agent 52 yr life cycle, tomb @ palenque
1 Reed Quetxalcoatl

Apocalypse : to stand naked, revealed (p.223)

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