dao yin style bagua

Cliff Notes from a workshop in December 2004. for more info see www.traditionalstudies.org
“Don’t ever confuse kindness with compassion. That is what destroys integrity.”
-Dr. Scott Paglia’s teacher of Taoism

‘supple integrity’ -> Andrea’s yoga, the “poised balance” that characterizes Taoism, if anything does.

Yin Style Bagua from the lineage of Dr. Shie Pei Chai, one of the last educated in the old style, the forms used pre -1949 people’s revolution.
~Based on the Book of Changes, the I-Ching, a foundation of Chinese culture, mapping out the relationships of yin/yang, where everything in the world is laid out.
*Taoism *Buddhism *Confucianism (scholar style)
>blending, enriched, & synthesized

->To claim something “your maternal uncle” – is no claim to the throne, but an allegiance is claimed.
[Outlander: Jamie Fraser is maternal nephew to Colum and Dougal MacKenzie, they want him alive, but under fealty of sorts – what is the value in danger, the danger in value?]

One Gives Birth to Two, Two Gives Birth to Three, Three gives birth to the 10,000 things. _Tao Te Ching

Yang/Yin -> the meshing. now everything is rich. The only way you can describe something is in relation – as relative. Only when things are in movement, dynamic, can they also be still. ->full of chi[poised balance?]

*Chi Kung, Qi Gong – these are catch all phrases from 1950
What we are working with are Dao Yin practices.

Medical Internal cultivation
Health Benefiting Practice
Dao Yin: guiding and leading
Healing without Medicines practices
~8 Healing Sounds
~12 Guiding Energy-Chi Sitting Meditations
~Luohan Patting System [Luohans in the Chinese Mythos were ‘iron bodied’ superheroes, supercharged boddhisattvas, archetypes of strength.]

~regulate illness and health *less swing between yin/yang states
~key to reaching post-heaven potential
~way to reach pre-heaven presence within us, “touching the void”

wu chi – void, ultimate non-ness. the void created tai chi, which created every thing, jodie – tikki – there is a linear path, everything created has a blueprint

Post Heaven – the world around us: being quite clear in who you are, what you are doing here, and reaching potential in this world
Pre Heaven – touch the source, reach back through that linear pattern
to essence: [wonderousness]

3 Different Ways of Approaching the Same Thing
8 Sounds -> illness & health (movement, standing, sitting up, lying down)
Patting -> Post Heaven
Sitting -> Pre Heaven

The Patting is a repetitive motion that releases serotonin.
The Sitting is internal, esoteric, difficult to continue – ‘chan’ (zen)

What happens when you deepen over a lifetime: do the same thing but differently – not as preamble for what comes next, but for its own sake?
The Western perspective ->->->-> teleological
The East –> depth
< --- enrichment -----> improvement
*Chinese are auditory/olfactory oriented, they will speak of “hearing somebody’s force”

Breath happens, blood moves. the refined matter of the body, organs/glands/secretions is transmuted into Qi, which is collected along with Blood and Qi in the Air, cultivated and transmuted in to shen: spirit.

-we are immersed in sounds
music noise
harmony staccato
benevolent malevolent
*what happens to you when you’re bathed in that sound?*
->Drums for courage, trumpets and fanfare
sounds affect us psychologically, thus physiologically.
and physiologically, thus psychologically.
[just because it sounds nice, doesn’t mean it’s good for you: good words are not necessarily nice to hear and nice words not nec. good for you]
*recognizing what things do for you, and what happens if you continue the practice

Sound: vibration through resonance cavities
The Chinese musical scale is a 5 note scale – it resonates with organs to move Qi.
Liver – shu/xu
Heart – HA
Spleen – Mur HU – stomach
Lungs – Ah
Kidneys – HuM
[sound.breath.posture. you can go anywhere 3->10,000 things
pulling Qi.]

AH: lungs
HA: heart – up
HENG: kidneys/essence
HU: stomach
MER: spleen
XU: Liver
YI: yin aspect of all places in the body
Hong: yang aspect of all places in the body

Yang: Exhaling, Opening, Dispelling, Exiting
Yin: Inhaling, Sealing, Non-breathing
Exhale first; through the mouth unfiltered, expelling turbid energy to make room for the clean and fresh; breathe in thru nose, filter slow

[the heart still has the sorrow of having desires without the strength to accomplish them]

1) 8 Sounds 5-8 reps
2) choose specific sounds for particular reasons

“there’s a whole medical explanation of what we’re going to do, but if you just sort of whack away at yourself, good things will happen”
– patting comes from daily habits, poverty practices to maintain health
To ‘healthen’ the body: an iron outside & smooth flowing inside
->If the skin is iron, pernicious influences cannot come in through the pores, you create a shield
2 way street: what’s in the body shows up on the surface, & by patting the surface you are able to reach the internal organs.
Chinese believe that you age from the feet -> washing Qi down to the toes, keeping cold out, keeping heat in ->do both: double balance
1) Empty State
2) Natural Patting Method
-wake up and prepare the body
3) Strengthen 4 Cavities [the body meeting force]
-chest – abdomen – pelvis – cranium
4) Open the 4 gates [allow force in]
-Heaven: head – Qi: red channel/ventral – Blood: sides of the body –
Wind: spine
5) 12 Channels
6) 6 Extraordinary Vessels
7) Natural Patting method
8) Empty State Meditation

[tonify – regulate – disperse – solid/hollow patting – rhythm & strength – direction. Cupping sends shock waves deeper in, flat hand disperses]

1) Opening the 3 Passes
-coccyx [ming mun] – mm to navel – navel to upper back
2) Filling the 3 DanTiens [sealing in Qi]
3)Maintaining the 5 Organs
4) Stimulating Essences/Sui [deep grey marrow of the nervous system]

Taoism: a philosophy become a religion in reaction to Buddhism
[the logic of outside. the truth of inside. all things are one. Longevity.]
-One true Qi – everything as yin/yang/manifestations of this Qi – it comes together for this lifetime, then disperses, “your Qi was broken”

[natal breathing – life’s reverse order – my teacher’s teacher thanksgiving sweat story]

Form – Heart – Mind – Shifts of Mind – Emotion – Rashness
What has come/(I)\What will come
being able to see what went into this context…the now is the result of everything come before, everything connected, and what will come from here?

Taoist Philosophy
– reversing rashness –
rash: decisions based upon emotional states. If you can calm the mind from these shifts, the heart calms down and the spirit can comes back to fully reside in the heart – and form is balanced. the ultimate state is knowing no-happiness, therefore no unhappiness…
[…this goal is the opposite of western love, is it not?]
Taoist love is non-reactionary… separating the emotional from the physical, creating a time-lag, the love that emerges is more deep-seated, less volatile…

“Buddhists have wonderful temperment and terrible health [drafty meditation halls…you’re sick all the time]… Taoists have wonderful health but terrible temperment”

[synchopated pandemonium]

The Tao has a certain frequency/hum/pitch… and we are all tuning forks, covered in barnacles.
[fix your tuning fork so that it’s in harmony with the big hum, and it gets hard to be around disharmony]
Taoist compassion is inclusive of death & antagonism…benevolence of rhythm…
[this is different compassion that the version offered by j.c.]

[defining too clearly narrows the possibilities of the nature of chi – attention to where sensation is and where it originated]
Natural Order Reverse Order
yang yin
Upper Pass SPIRIT Upper DanTien
-jade pillow -between the eyes
Middle Pass QI Middle DanTien
-thoracic -between the nipples
Lower Pass Essences Lower DanTien
-coccyx/sacrum -navel

Yang Order: allows movement into the back [Yang wants to move]
-open the passes for blood/Qi to go through unimpeded – Open & Flow

Yin Order: fills an allows Qi to take root in the DanTiens[a point and also a region]
Spirit is housed in the Heart, Upper Pass, Upper DanTien

Sounds Revisited with Movement
AH: Lungs
– Mouth open vertical
Breathe in arms up, down in front – mime waterfall – out over head circle
HA: Heart
Breath in, arms up trunk, palms out, thumbs down from the heart – surfing the heart wave – a hot sound
HUNG: Kidneys
Breath in, arms up, then drop down fast at knees, palms in: bouncing the sound
HU: stomach
MER: spleen
Like a cow, not a sheep – twisting to stretch and squeeze spleen, back and flat of hand twisting to direct Qi in towards spleen.
XU: Liver
Breath in arms up to armpits under, circling around down in finger arrows, pulling Qi down the sacrum and coccyx
YI: Yin in all places
Breath in arms up over head, back of hands facing, not quite touching. swallow the Yi sound to resonate in the head and expand resonance down the spine, body wide.
HONG: Yang in all places
Breath in arms up, palms out flat. Light tiger stance, exhale, flubbery twisting around the central axis of the spine.

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